Son, you can insult me, you can ambush me, you can even take away my weapon. But if you think I'm gonna set one pinky toe inside blue base without my shotgun... you must not know who you're dealing with
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So I walked up to the door one day, and opened it, and Lindsay was sitting on the toilet. And her reaction was just to go: ‘Gus, nooooooooooooo.’ (x)

Me *points at Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay, and Kdin*: Team Let's Build
YouTube comments: no....this is wrong...only geoff and gavin are let's build cannot say this false thing
Me *Points at Matt, Jeremy, Lindsay and Kdin*: Love the Let's Build team


Like it was a secret?

You’re so lucky!!! I’ve been trying to catch mewtwo since probably October 26th of last year and used 13 on my last attempt. Without thinking I used my master ball on xerneas. I haven’t really gone for any legendaries because honestly I am not that great at pokemon since this is the first one I’ve actually played and gotten into since my gameboy doesn’t have a backlight and its frustrating so I never really got into pokemon other than the anime. But yeah, good job!! You should be really proud!!!

I finally caught mewtwo in pokemon x and I’m so happyyyyyy


Because sleepy Geoff is fucking adorable.



Favorite couples in S2E7 “Dance Dance Infiltration”

The Kings of Achievement City and their tasks so far. 

(Will be updated when King Gavin Part 2 comes out but I worked really hard on this and wanted to share it with you now!)


This may be my favorite thing Caleb has ever tweeted.


Yeah I don’t think I’ll get over tiny bodyguard